Alpaca Wool Scarf Lands’End Canvas


Loving my new alpaca from Lands'End Canvas scarf it's really soft and feels like cashmere its warm and I love the fact that its so long and its wraps around me.  I am allergic to wool so I have missed out on a lot if really nice wool outfits, scarfs hats and sweaters. I put wool on and start to scratch like crazy. So I was so happy when I tried out my first alpaca wool garment and I did not start to itch or scratch all over. Most people who have wool based allergies will not be allergic to alpaca. Alpaca doesn't contain lanolin found in wool (lanolin holds … [Read more...]

Beauty Insider: Nars Concealer


I was walking around in Brooklyn and spotted a Sephora, you know I had to go in and see what is the latest beauty find out there! A wonderful makeup artist helped me find what I needed. I was looking for something to cover my under eye circles since I really haven't been getting good sleep for a couple of months taking care of my sick mother. I needed something that would perk my eyes right up, she suggested the Nars Concealer in Biscuit which my lord is so amazing and goes on smooth. I honestly thought it would be too light but it blended in perfectly with … [Read more...]

My Everyday Beauty Routine+ Why I haven’t been blogging!


Hello Everyone, I hope you've had a wonderful day. I wanted to share my everyday beauty routine with you guys. I've had a few people ask so I wanted to finally share it. I wanted to share why I haven't posted in a few months, I have been in New York city for the past 4 months taking care of my sick mother. Most of you know I am originally from Brooklyn I left a over 10 years ago so it was quite and experience when I took the bus in May. When you haven't been somewhere that you grew up it can be a bit daunting. I went to go take care of my mother who has been diagnosed … [Read more...]

Pridebit Vegetable Peeler Peels With Ease

Pridebit Vegetable Peeler

I am loving my new Pridebit Julienne and Vegetable Peeler when I first saw it I was surprised how heavy duty it was its made of premium quality stainless steel and it has a dual blade  one side for peeling and the other side to julienne and to make it go over the top it brought in the package a cleaning brush  this is an added bonus.  I was able to use the pridebit vegetable peeler with ease it glided easily when I used it on a cucumberI was preparing for a salad and I tried out the the julienne side and they came out amazing thin strips and I am … [Read more...]

Brieftons Salad Spinner Making Salad Prep Easy

Brieftons Salad Spinner

My family and I have made a really big life style change and we are doing so much to better our health, by eating right which is more vegetables and fruits and cutting out soft drinks, soda and a lot of unhealthy sweets and most of the unhealthy carbohydrates. As well as working out and walking more often and since we have a dog our dog is loving being walked so much by all of us and he is also keeping fit. We now have lots of salads in our meal plans before it would be half a plate of rice or potatoes or some other sort of starch, now that has all changed we have … [Read more...]